Who we are
The communication with ALS patients in the far advanced stages of the disease (the patients in so called locked-in stage) is carried out in cooperation with the department of interventional psychology of the University of Würzburg under supervision of Prof. Dr. Andrea Kübler and the institute for Medical Psychology of the University of Tübingen under supervision of Prof. Dr. mult. Niels Birbaumer.

Poland Prof. Dr. Magdalena Kuzma together with Natalia Szejko, Beata Pilczuk and Katarzyna Cieæwierska comprise the Polish team at the department of Neurology of Kozakiewicz Medical University of Warsaw. Dr Barbara Fijakowska of the department of medical ethics at the University of Warsaw under the head of Prof Dr Tomasz Pasierski is responsible for the ethical issues in Poland.

Sweden Prof. Dr. Peter Andersen, head of the Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Neuroscience at Umeå University Hospital and Dr. Olof Semp are responsible for the Swedish part of the project. Prof. Dr. Niels Lynoe at the Department of Medical Ethics at the Karolinska institute, University of Stockholm, supports the Swedish team with regards to the ethical issues of this project.